Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Beautiful Life

Ok, so I havent been on in ages... lol I lost my blog when we wipped out computer.. but i found it and Im back!

So Far 2010 has been a wonderful year! We have already had some very mild road bumps.. but I am very optimistic that this year will be the best yet!

Ill start this back up with a photo shoot my Aunt did today! She is fantastic! I love her!!!
Hopefully she will get her Photography Business off the ground soon... and I will be her partner! We both share an extreme love for photography... unfortunally I have yet to acquire a decent camera for the job at hand.. I will one day... soon... I hope! lol
Anyways... she did a few shots of me and my big girls. Lindzey 5 now and Katie jsut turned 2. Gosh my babies are getting so big!!! Where does the time go??
Here are the pictures! Enjoy!!!