Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Beautiful Life

Ok, so I havent been on in ages... lol I lost my blog when we wipped out computer.. but i found it and Im back!

So Far 2010 has been a wonderful year! We have already had some very mild road bumps.. but I am very optimistic that this year will be the best yet!

Ill start this back up with a photo shoot my Aunt did today! She is fantastic! I love her!!!
Hopefully she will get her Photography Business off the ground soon... and I will be her partner! We both share an extreme love for photography... unfortunally I have yet to acquire a decent camera for the job at hand.. I will one day... soon... I hope! lol
Anyways... she did a few shots of me and my big girls. Lindzey 5 now and Katie jsut turned 2. Gosh my babies are getting so big!!! Where does the time go??
Here are the pictures! Enjoy!!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Katies First Tooth

Well, it finally broke through. Katie got her first tooth last night!! Its the bottem one. Shes done really good with it. Only slight fever and little fussing. We have been blessed with such a good baby girl!!!
Just wanted to share this tid-bit of info!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

** So Sick of Work**

Ok, this is gonna be a vent post.
I am SO tired of working all the frikin time. I swear its all I do. I work 12 hours a day average 48 hours a week. I feel like I am missing out on my girls lives. I work all day just to go home to two sleeping angels.... and i get to hear about all the wonderful things they did from my MIL (the sitter). I would give ANYTHING to be a stay at home mom. Maybe even work from home. It just tears me up that I am missing so much. My husband gets frustrated because I HAVE to work for us to survive, and he hates to hear me bitch about it! He works just as much as I do... and is missing jsut as much... but it jsut doesnt seem to get to him like it gets to me. Maybe one day I will win the lottery........ then it will be BYE BYE ems HELLO Kiddos!!!
Ok Vent over

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Kaitlyn Brianne Tysinger **Birth Story**

(4 weeks along)

Well, to start out it was very scary. We had one daughter, and numerous angel babies. We knew that this pregnancy may not go smoothly. It started when i was 7 1/2 weeks. I started bleeding. We went to the hospital, had an ultrasound, and discovered that I had a Subchorionic Hemorrhage. (A bleed behind my placenta). The Dr's said that I just needed to take it easy, and that it could correct it self throughout the pregnancy. So we went home, still worried. I was put on moderate bed rest by my Dr at 8 weeks.

(9 weeks )
All was well until my 13th week. I was involved in a bad accident. The trauma from the wreck caused the bleed behind my placenta to act up. It began to bleed again. I was rushed to the ER, where they said that even though the baby was fine, I need to be on full bed rest and needed to be monitored by my high risk dr every 2 Weeks. So every two weeks we drove from Calabash to Wilmington (a 50 mile haul). All seemed well(My Wreck)

When I was 18 weeks.... i was up fixing me something to eat, when I started getting sharp pains. I knew immediately that they were contractions. I woke up my husband, and he rushed me to My dr in Wilmington. The did an ultrasound and discovered that I was indeed having contractions and was beginning to efface. I was told to go over to the hospital and I was admitted in the labor and delivery ward for monitoring. I spent 5 days in the L&D on monitors. On the 4th day the contractions stopped. My high risk dr told me that in order to maintain my pregnancy, I was going to need a progesterone injection ever week. ( My levels were too low)

So I went on the injections. We also found out during that hospital stay that we were having another little girl!! YAH
So after I was discharged, I went home and was back on full bed rest. I swear i made it to the end of the Internet during that time. It was horrible not being able to do ANYTHING! lol
We still went to our dr every two weeks. Sometimes we had to go every week, but that was only if something didn't look right, or if the dr felt i was having to much uterine activity..

So.. at 23 weeks i was lying in bed, and I began to have more contractions with some spotting. My husband, again, rushed me to the dr office, where I was admitted back to L&D...again... for another 3 days. The contractions were mild and after a few days of monitoring I went home.

(25 weeks)

All was well for a few weeks, until at 28 weeks, i got up one night to use the bathroom, and my water broke. Right there over the toilet, it just broke!!!!
Luckily I wasn't having hard contractions, so I called my husband, who was at work, and he rushed home. We got our bags and headed for New Hanover. When we got there they did an ultrasound and confirmed that my water had ruptured. I was dry as a bone. We were sure that I was going to have a baby that night. But the dr said that as long as the baby was doing ok, and i didn't get an infection... they would let me go as long as possible without delivering!! We were SHOCKED. So That started our 2 week stay... every day contraction... every day waiting...

I spent Christmas in the hospital

We stayed WELL stocked with snacks. (have you ever had hospital food lol)
So for two weeks we waited... Until New Years Eve...

I have the best husband in the world... He went out and bought a movie.... "Pirates of the Caribbean.." (the 3rd one)

He got my favorite food.. Bang Bang Shrimp. The nurses let him bring in 2 candles and brought us the DVD player. We Had a nice romantic dinner...

I was having contractions, that were kind of hard, but I thought nothing of it because i had BEEN having contractions.

Well about 130am.. i noticed that the contractions were getting VERY hard. So I called the nurse, they put me on the monitor and YUP there were contractions.

I told them i felt like this was it. The contractions were getting to hard to handle.

So they moved me down to a delivery room at 3ish am.

I had a full natural delivery. No drugs. Just classical music and a birthing ball.

after hours of hard labor, and 20 minutes of pushing... Kaitlyn Brianne arrived in this world at 30 weeks. We had expected the worst... but she came out screaming!!!!

She weighed 3 lbs 8 oz and was 16 1/2 inches long

She was rushed to the NICU where she spent 3 hours on C-Pap. She had some jaundice and had to be under the bili lights, but other then that she was a perfectly healthy baby girl. No bleeds, no surgeries, Nothing! She was PERFECT!!!

After 2 weeks in the NICU she was sent upstairs to the Transition Unit where we worked on feeding. She was finally discharged 21 days after birth at 4lbs 1oz.

And this is our Miracle Baby Now!
at 9 months old.

My First Blog

Well Guys. I am a new blogger. This is my first post.
To start I am a mother of 2 beautiful little girls. Lindzey Rayne and Kaitlyn Brianne. They are the light of my life.
I am also the Proud Wife to a wonderful Man, Brandon. He is my soul mate, and my rock. I lvoe him with all of my heart.
I will do my best to keep my blog updated as often as possiable!